Tomfoolery is a mobile app lab founded by ex-Yahoo and AOL execs committed to making enterprise solutions more consumer-friendly. Its debut app is the conversation platform Anchor. Anchor allows users to share files from and Dropbox, syncs with Evernote, and lets companies create company directories on the platform — a listing of all employees who are on Anchor — which can be used to find email and phone details, as well as link for chatting.

about the company


Ethan started coding when he was 13 and hasn't stopped since. Though he spent most of his career fixing big, messy enterprise software stacks, he fell love with the potential of mobile when he bought the first iPhone in 2007. He is an architect-hacker and was the most senior technical leader at AOL to still code. Ethan's dog Lucy is a fierce attack dog.

Sol Lipman is an experienced entrepreneur and mobile developer who recently joined AOL as a part of the company’s acquisition of Rally Up, maker of the popular Rally Up and FacePlant mobile applications. At AOL, Sol is focused on bringing killer mobile-first applications to market and identifying mobile opportunities for existing AOL properties. Sol was the founder and CEO of Rally Up and also co-founded, an online video sharing platform. Prior to that, he co-founded Sticky Inc, a flash memory-based operating environment that was acquired by DeviceVM. During the swinging dotcom days, he founded thedigs network, which was acquired by idrive and is credited as being one of the first social networks.

Kakul Srivastava is CEO and co-founder of Tomfoolery, a mobile-first startup dedicated to building amazing apps for work. Over her 15 year career, Kakul has helped build some of the most loved consumer products ever -- Adobe's Photoshop line of products, Flickr, Yahoo! Messenger, and Yahoo! Mail. At Adobe, Kakul managed the team that launched Photoshop Album - the first ever consumer product to introduce the concept of tagging photos. She then went on to join Yahoo! as the first product person at Flickr, where she eventually became GM and led her team to grow the fledgling social photo service from 37,000 users to over 60M. Kakul’s career at Yahoo! led her to become one of the top female executives in the company, as she took on the role of VP, Product for the Communities & Communications Division that included Y!Mail, Messenger, Groups, and Answers products. In this role, Kakul drove the biggest redesign of Yahoo Mail in 5 years, and managed a monthly user base of 450M+ and a global team of close to a hundred people. Prior to forming Tomfoolery, Kakul was part of the leadership team at TinySpeck, an online game startup that combined the best parts of casual social gaming with MMO’s. At Tomfoolery, Kakul is leading a rapidly growing team of entrepreneurial rock stars who have set out to change the way we look at mobile enterprise software and to “make work awesome”. Kakul has two children and strongly believes that working moms can be passionately dedicated to both their careers and their children. To that end, she serves on the Board of Trustees of her children’s preschool, Little School, as well as helping their elementary school, MCDS, develop excellence in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Kakul is a graduate of MIT with a BSME in Mechanical Engineering and Biotech, and also holds an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley Haas school of business. She serves as Co-Chair of the Cure Violence Advisory Board and published several papers in peer reviewed journals about protein biochemistry and the pathways that lead to Alzheimer's Disease and Downs’ Syndrome.

Simon built huge portions of Flickr's back-end back in the day, and was almost single-handedly responsible for Flickr's internationalization, including all of that gnarly stuff related to moderation, abuse mitigation, and monetization. He built large parts of the Glitch social layer at Tiny Speck. Before all this, he was part of the Search team at Yahoo. He likes simple, scalable solutions to ugly, hairy problems. He is British, but we try not to hold that against him.