Sourcery is developing a payments and commerce platform that focuses on the wholesale foodservice industry, a $220B market that still runs on 1980s technology: buyers search for products in paper catalogs, submit orders by fax or phone, and deal with paper invoices and checks. Sourcery's platform brings all of these transactions online. Customers include Munchery, Palantir, Dropbox, Airbnb as well as restaurants, caterers, and other food businesses.

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June 13, 2016

12 Stories Show Why Women in Tech Are Terrified of Being Pregnant

I went on to raise the $1 million round, but it was really, really hard. I feel like women feel they have to provide that explanation or drawn out reason why they can handle it, but it shouldn’t be necessary. The industry advice is, “Do not under any circumstances tell people you’re pregnant if you’re the CEO and fundraising. While there are laws prohibiting discrimination against pregnant women when hiring, they don’t apply to investors, who have been known to pass up investments because the CEO is pregnant. There are laws against discriminating against pregnant women when hiring, but that doesn’t apply to investors.