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Morado Portfolio News

May 31, 2016

Y Combinator Posthaven

We are excited to announce that Imagine K12, the original edtech accelerator, is joining Y Combinator to form an edtech vertical within YC.

May 25, 2016

Organic adoption of one classroom technology leads to a seamless way to share other ideas

The creators of ClassDojo, who say they are in two out of three schools nationwide, say they carefully developed the first iteration for growth mindset. (Take a “growth mindset” quiz developed by Dweck.) “When [the idea of growth mindset] comes from me, it’s like they try to forget it, because I am an adult and they are seven years old. But in a fate suffered by many promising ideas in education, in some places the idea spread in a faddish way. The company worked directly with Dweck’s lab at Stanford to ensure that the videos and lessons they offer are in line with “growth mindset” research.

May 24, 2016

Bloomz raises $2.3 million to connect teachers and students’ families

Education tech startup Bloomz has raised $2.3 million in seed funding for an app that connects teachers and parents, securely. The company’s app features tools that help teachers push updates about students or share photos of them from the classroom back to parents throughout the day. The app also gives educators tools to help coordinate parent-teacher conferences, classroom volunteers and other help from parents around school-related events. Given the seed capital, 8VC co-founding Partner Jake Medwell said he expects Bloomz to solidify its monetization strategy, and keep growing its user base and user engagement aggressively. CEO Chaks Appalabattura said, on the company’s website, that Bloomz is currently seeking beta testers for an enterprise product, Bloomz for Schools, for which it will eventually charge schools.

May 22, 2016

3 Great Apple Pencil Alternatives for iPhone

Please see our Apple Pencil ReviewAdonit Jot Stylus: the Best Apple Pencil Alternative for Inking on the ScreenAdonit makes a line of precision styli, which work great as Apple Pencil alternatives. 3 Great Apple Pencil Alternatives for iPhoneApple Pencil fans would love to use the excellent Apple stylus on other devices, like the iPhone. Neo Smartpen N2: the Best Apple Pencil Alternative for Paper LoversThe Neo Smartpen costs more than the Apple Pencil at $169 on Amazon. However, Apple doesn’t make an Apple Pencil or an iPhone that work together. The Adonit Jot Dash comes with a couple of features that Apple should consider adding to Apple Pencil.

May 20, 2016

Microsoft brings Skype to businesses’ iOS and Android apps

Microsoft says that if the company is licensed for Skype for Business Server or Skype for Business Online, then there are no additional costs for the use of the SDKs. On Thursday, the company launched its Skype for Business SDK – tools which allow iOS and Android developers to integrate Skype’s messaging, audio and voice capabilities into their own mobile applications. Skype for Business SDK customers can continue to use their existing infrastructure, like Skype for Business Server or Skype for Business Online – depending on if the company has deployed Unified Communications on their own servers, or if they’re relying on Microsoft’s cloud. Microsoft is further opening up Skype to businesses. The idea is to allow Skype to power the communications experience inside applications, so developers can focus on building their product’s unique features.

May 20, 2016

The Social Content Network Built on E-Mail Newsletters

He speaks with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg West." What Apple's New iPhone Screens Mean for Users, Suppliers10:04 - Ben Lerer, Thrillist's chief executive officer and Lerer Hippeau Ventures managing partner, comments on Apple's plans to outfit next year’s version of the iPhone with a brighter, higher-definition screen. (Source: Bloomberg)

May 19, 2016

3D-printed bespoke wheelchair debuts at Design Week in London

The GO wheelchair (not to be confused with the HU-GO, another 3D-printed wheelchair project) is the brainchild of Benjamin Hubert, director of London design agency Layer. A London design firm has worked for two years to create an alternative: a 3D-printed wheelchair made to fit exactly the shape and needs of its rider. A seat that’s made to measure is likely a more comfortable experience over the many, many hours users spend in their chairs. But medical providers, wheelchair makers and sports companies are already interested in the design, he added. Right now the GO is still in prototype form, and will be on display at Clerkenwell’s Design Week later this month.

May 19, 2016

Nuzzel launches “first network of newsletters”

But social news service Nuzzel wants to leverage the networking factor of having many newsletters emanate from the same place. At launch, this network of newsletters won’t actually offer any network effects, Abrams said, as those will be added when a critical mass of titles develops. He envisions cross-promotion of newsletters or their stories, analytics about which stories are most popular and a “re-blogging” of content between newsletters, possibly stimulated by paid promotion. In its announcement, Nuzzel pointed to a McKinsey & Company report that email newsletters receive as much as 40 times the engagement of Facebook posts or Twitter tweets. But the tool is not really intended for the creation of free-form content, Abrams said, where newsletters are entirely composed by their authors.

May 18, 2016

Cazena’s Big Data-as-a-Service offering lands on Azure

“Our launch on Microsoft Azure extends Cazena’s vision of big data on demand for enterprises.”Cazena’s premise is simple – businesses can use it to offload workloads to the cloud, analyze Big Data sources from outside their network (including data from social networks etc. “Cazena will help accelerate customers’ ability to migrate Big Data workloads to Microsoft Azure,” said Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president and chief evangelist, Developer Experience at Microsoft. Big Data-as-a-Service startup (BDaaS) Cazena Inc., which burst onto the scene just last year, has said it’s flagship offering can now be used with Microsoft Azure, giving customers faster access to on-demand data processing and analytics. Cazena is betting that support for Azure will be extremely attractive to the thousands of enterprises that currently use Microsoft’s cloud. Using Cazena on Microsoft Azure is one way of doing that, because it only requires a very low investment on extra resources in order to be able to use it.

May 18, 2016

Focus on tech and talent to get bi-modal IT right

Focusing on the right technology and the right people can help. Today's CIO must strike a balance between digital transformation and keeping the lights on. Avadaiappan says finding the right personalities to lead innovation and change and the right people to manage and maintain existing infrastructure is key to a successful bi-modal IT strategy. Focusing on how technology and talent can impact both a digital transformation strategy and maintain existing infrastructure is key to succeeding in today's fast-moving business climate. You can drive digital transformation even at the facilities level," Noteboom says.

May 18, 2016

IOT Thought Leader and Veteran Entrepreneur Joins Board of Performance Content Marketing Solution Ahalogy

About AhalogyAhalogy is the Performance Content Marketing Solution for enterprise, helping marketers connect with consumers via meaningful, data-driven content. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the global capital of brand marketing, Ahalogy has additional offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ahalogy, the performance content marketing solution for enterprise, is adding a top entrepreneur and technologist to the company’s board to tap into her diverse experience guiding multiple startups to success. Ahalogy is an official Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner, and partners with other leading social networks. Vasanthi Chandra, founder of RewardsPay and chair of Harvard Business School Association of Northern California IOT Investment Forum, was appointed to add a balanced, fresh perspective to the company’s board.

May 16, 2016

To Head Off Mobile Fraud, 'Know Thyself'

AdExchanger: What's the single biggest thing marketers contending with mobile ad fraud should be focused on? In mobile, you have to make more decisions about whether the fraud is really nefarious or just a junky mobile ad. Eliza Nevers, Christian Calderon and Michael Oiknine will participate in a panel discussion on mobile fraud at the May 24 CLEAN ADS I/O conference in New York. And then there are some cases where you might not consider them fraud depending who you are, which I refer to as creative misuse. CHRISTIAN CALDERON, CRO of Ketchapp: In the performance business especially, marketing is math.

May 11, 2016

Apsalar Opens Bangalore Office-PR Newswire Asia

"India and Southeast Asia have been outstanding growth markets for Apsalar," said Michael Oiknine, Cofounder and CEO. The new office supports the company's large and growing client base in India and Southeast Asia. Dairy Circle,Bangalore 560 029About ApsalarApsalar is the leading mobile app marketing measurement and optimization company that helps app marketers drive maximum return from all their marketing investments. With Apsalar attribution and audiences, app marketers can optimize their media allocation and empower their partners and platforms to deliver customized communication, for better results and monetization at every step in the customer journey. The new office provides account management and technical support for these and dozens of other leading app-based businesses.

May 11, 2016

The CEO of Cargomatic, an 'Uber for truckers' that's raised $10 million, steps down

Jonathan Kessler, CEO of “Uber for trucking” startup Cargomatic is stepping out of the role, the company confirmed to DC Velocity, which first reported the news. Its hiring spree had come to a dead stop in early 2016, a source told Business Insider’s Lara O’Reilly, who first reported the layoffs. They were completely blindsided,” the source told Business Insider at the time. Kessler had cofounded Cargomatic alongside president Brett Parker in 2013 with the hope of tackling a broken trucking industry. LinkedIn Cargomatic cofounder and CEO Jonathan Kessler.

May 11, 2016

Oakland's Top 20 Tech influencers you need to know!

Vator has been a long-time champion of the Oakland tech scene. This is the hub for innovation when it comes to food, tech, art & sustainability. The cpmpany administers CaliforniaFIRST, the nation’s largest PACE program, which provides affordable financing for home upgrades to more than 20 million Californians. Founded in 2004, Lucid raised $17.18 million from Agility Capital, Autodesk, Dry Creek Ventures, Formation 8, GE Ventures, Peninsula Ventures and Zetta Venture Partners. Founded in 2000, Pandora is a music streaming and automated music recommendation service, and is one of the most successful Oakland-based tech startups.

May 11, 2016

Tesla was just the beginning. Introducing the connected car landscape

Finding value in car dataThe OBD-II dongle area has become increasingly crowded with many firms offering a developer platform for connected car apps. Since then, in just a four year period, the connected car market has transformed significantly. Tesla showed us the power of a truly connected car with API’s that could remotely access a vehicle’s data and fix issues with over-the-air updates. Today, the connected car market is no longer a buzzword or concept. A high-resolution version of the VB Profiles Connected Cars Landscape is available for download here.

May 11, 2016

Litbit Looks to Revolutionize the Internet of Things

Now, there is a company aiming to change that and, potentially, revolutionize the IoT industry: Litbit. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the current technological revolution aiming to connect (all) the items used everyday to the World Wide Web. This is corroborated by the investors, who recently invested $7 million in LitBit in a round led by Storm Ventures, with Illuminate Ventures, Correlation Ventures, and Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures also in the move. Currently, Litbit is working more with businesses in the data center niche. In order to solve this issue, Litbit created RhythmOS, a flagship operating system that allows developers to create and develop (on top of that OS) apps to connect and manage certain devices.

May 11, 2016

Zipcar President Kaye Ceille to Keynote at TU-Automotive Detroit 2016

Penton’s TU-Automotive has confirmed that Kaye Ceille, President of Zipcar, will be giving a keynote presentation on day one of the TU-Automotive Detroit 2016 conference & exhibition (June 8-9, Novi, MI). Annie Reddaway, project director for TU-Automotive Detroit 2016, commented: “We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Ceille at this year’s event. As the one of the founders of new mobility, Zipcar is perfectly placed to educate the automotive industry on the potential of these models as consumers’ habits evolve. She will explore future business models, how mobility is evolving and also analyze the impact of self-driving vehicles on the automotive industry and society. 7585About TU-AutomotiveTU-Automotive is a world leader in providing events and business intelligence to the automotive technology community, covering telematics, auto mobility, autonomous vehicles and legal & insurance.

May 10, 2016

Jonathan Kessler steps down from CEO of Cargomatic

Jonathan Kessler, CEO of "Uber for trucking" startup Cargomatic is stepping out of the role, the company confirmed to DC Velocity, which first reported the news. Its hiring spree had come to a dead stop in early 2016, a source told Business Insider's Lara O'Reilly, who first reported the layoffs. They were completely blindsided," the source told Business Insider at the time. Kessler had cofounded Cargomatic alongside president Brett Parker in 2013 with the hope of tackling a broken trucking industry. I will continue my involvement with Cargomatic as a Board Director and consulting as the Chief Product Officer.

May 9, 2016

Driverless vehicles can trial here

STEER: Driverless vehicles have the potential to cut traffic congestion, improve fuel efficiency and reduce pollution, as well as increase road safety. Driverless vehicles and infrastructure technologies have the potential to cut traffic congestion, improve fuel efficiency and reduce pollution, as well as increase road safety. In the UK, Chancellor George Osborne announced in this year’s budget that driverless vehicles would be trialled on UK roads and motorways from 2017. This is a golden opportunity to establish Newcastle as the NSW hub for the research, development and integration of driverless vehicles and associated transport technologies. Especially with the University of Newcastle chomping at the bit to test autonomous vehicles on our public roads and companies like Varley Electric Vehicles that already design and build high quality electric vehicles of all types for industry and government.