At Morado, we believe the real power of the web will be unleashed over the next 10 years. Today’s web is just scratching the surface of its potential. We’re looking for bright, passionate teams who are taking big leaps. While there may be value in creating something that’s incrementally better, that type of advance is not our focus. We’re committed to investing in companies with fundamentally disruptive, consumer-oriented Internet business models in four key areas: cloud infrastructure; mobile and app infrastructure; marketplaces; and social applications.

We make seed-stage investments of approximately $150K, and we will partner with a syndicate of other seed-stage investors. Our experience growing disruptive, Internet-powered businesses enables us to provide advice and connections that can help accelerate the efforts of our investments.

The following frequently asked questions will help you learn more about our investing approach.

What factors characterize a Morado investment?

As noted above, we invest in four key areas, but on a deeper level, our investments share four distinguishing characteristics:

  • Exceptional teams: Our portfolio companies are founded by teams of people with the quality of talent needed to realize the opportunity
  • Substantial market opportunity: Our portfolio companies expect to disrupt established markets with a realistic, scalable business model
  • Openness and flexibility: The teams running our companies are open to advice and the help our network can provide. They also demonstrate the flexibility needed to adapt their ideas to external changes and challenges
  • Shared passion: Our companies are passionate about what they’re doing—and so are we

Beyond providing money, how do you bring value to your portfolio companies?

We provide experience, advice, and connections. Portfolio companies can always reach out to us for advice. We’ve experienced the hiring, scaling, engineering, and product development challenges startups need to overcome. When it comes time to make a deal, we can help then, too. We’ve been involved in numerous transactions—and we’ve seen both sides of many deals.

Our network of more than 35 limited partners is our greatest asset: We connect companies with limited partners who are eager to actively support our portfolio companies. Innovators are often ideally positioned to provide mutual assistance, so we also connect leaders at portfolio companies with each other.

What role does the Morado Network play in supporting portfolio companies?

Portfolio companies benefit from our network of direct contacts, which extends to every major Internet company and into virtually all significant verticals. If a company needs a specific introduction, chances are we can make it. And if we can’t, we know someone who can. Most importantly, our network can provide insights into every facet of building a company, including sales, lead generation, marketing, technology, and distribution. They can help companies navigate the road bumps—and chaos—that can hamper the growth of early-stage businesses.

Do you have a geographic focus?

Yes, we focus on companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, with some investments in other West Coast cities and the New York City area. Great ideas can happen anywhere, but we cannot be everywhere. We add value to our investments by providing companies with proactive support and connections to our network. That means we’re a better fit for companies located in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York, where we travel frequently and have a sufficient network of contacts.

How can entrepreneurs share their ideas with you?

The best way reaching us is through our extensive network of contacts. We think highly of our network of direct contacts, and a referral will help draw our attention to your company.

We're also very active on AngelList which is another way to reach us (Ash@AngelList) (Mike@AngelList)