Through the years, we’ve worked with great people. Together, we’ve built companies that serve hundreds of millions of people, worked several M&A transactions, and hired thousands of people. This network of direct contacts has an unmatched ability to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Active LPs

To form Morado, we invited more than 35 former Yahoo! executives to join us as limited partners (LPs). They provide experience, advice, connections, and money to promising entrepreneurs. Our LPs actively assist our portfolio companies by sharing the insights they’ve gained from their successes—and occasional failures. Their experience touches all facets of the consumer Internet, including cloud infrastructure, markets, gaming, social media, and more.

Catalyzing Strong Ties

We host quarterly gatherings of portfolio companies and LPs. These events provide an informal setting where people can forge useful and lasting ties. Leaders at our portfolio companies exchange ideas with established visionaries—and each other.

Deep Connections

Our LPs form the core of the Morado network, which extends to every corner of Silicon Valley and beyond. The Morado network also includes the many people we’ve worked closely with through the years. From engineers to bankers and marketing specialists to business development gurus, we have deep connections that we’re eager to share with our portfolio companies.

Linking to Opportunities

Our connections extend far beyond our LP network. For early-stage companies, a few hours with the right person can make all the difference. We make proactive introductions to people we think can help companies.