Layer is the open communications Layer for the Internet. We make it easy for developers to add rich messaging, voice and video to any application. We handle all of the hard parts so developers can focus on building an excellent user experience for their customers.

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Tomaz is the CEO & co-founder of Layer. He's passionate about blending web, mobile and telephony into innovative products; while hiding the complexities behind simple interfaces.Before Layer, Tomaz was founder of Previously, Tomaz was the main creative at MarandLab, a division of Marand, based in Ljubljana, where he used to contribute in form of ideas and product innovation. His work at Marand has been rewarded in Slovenia and abroad.Tomaz is also the founding organizer of MobileMonday Slovenia, a monthly series of mobile related events.

As an early stage product and markets guy, Ron launched a number of highly innovative companies, including Grand Central/Google Voice, OpenDNS, Scout Labs and Swivel as managing director of Minor Ventures. As founder of MkII Ventures, Ron cofounded Prism Skylabs which is working to brings physical spaces online, creating new places for people and businesses to understand and engage each other.

Layer in the press

May 20, 2016

Microsoft brings Skype to businesses’ iOS and Android apps

Microsoft says that if the company is licensed for Skype for Business Server or Skype for Business Online, then there are no additional costs for the use of the SDKs. On Thursday, the company launched its Skype for Business SDK – tools which allow iOS and Android developers to integrate Skype’s messaging, audio and voice capabilities into their own mobile applications. Skype for Business SDK customers can continue to use their existing infrastructure, like Skype for Business Server or Skype for Business Online – depending on if the company has deployed Unified Communications on their own servers, or if they’re relying on Microsoft’s cloud. Microsoft is further opening up Skype to businesses. The idea is to allow Skype to power the communications experience inside applications, so developers can focus on building their product’s unique features.

May 19, 2016

3D-printed bespoke wheelchair debuts at Design Week in London

The GO wheelchair (not to be confused with the HU-GO, another 3D-printed wheelchair project) is the brainchild of Benjamin Hubert, director of London design agency Layer. A London design firm has worked for two years to create an alternative: a 3D-printed wheelchair made to fit exactly the shape and needs of its rider. A seat that’s made to measure is likely a more comfortable experience over the many, many hours users spend in their chairs. But medical providers, wheelchair makers and sports companies are already interested in the design, he added. Right now the GO is still in prototype form, and will be on display at Clerkenwell’s Design Week later this month.

May 6, 2016

ZENEDGE Open Sources Linux Kernel Extension for Cybersecurity

“ZENEDGE is a strong believer and supporter Open Source software,” said Leon Kuperman, CTO at ZENEGE. We are excited to be sharing Zentables-addons with the open source community so everyone can benefit from the performance gains we were able to achieve. ZENEDGE - Making cybersecurity smarter. ZENEDGE, a leading provider of cloud-based, Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven cybersecurity solutions, announced today that the Company is contributing a Linux kernel extension called Zentables-­addons to open source​, developed to increase the capacity to block IP addresses behind an HTTP load balancer, such as HA Proxy or ​Amazon ELB​. A work-around exists by moving the IP blocking to Layer 7, the application layer, but comes at the expense of performance.

April 14, 2016

TechCrunch’s Disrupt app is now available for all Disrupt NY (May 9-11) attendees

The app is custom-designed for attendees at TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY (May 9-11). We promised to make networking at Disrupt a lot better, and today we’re making a big part of that promise a reality with the launch of the Disrupt app in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Once you have a ticket to Disrupt NY, you can download the app and register. Point of pride: We built the app in-house with help from our friends at Layer, the winner of TechCrunch’s Battlefield SF in 2013. Every feature is about finding people, communicating with them and getting the most out of Disrupt.

Feb. 16, 2016

Layer muses on messaging's future -- and why some brands should skip Facebook

Now, with the communication platform Layer, things have gotten much easier for many — in fact, the company reports that it’s now integrated into nearly 500 live applications. Some companies already using Layer include GoButler, Hinge, Udacity, Forbes, and Trunk Club. If there’s anything that Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Operator have shown, it’s that we’re in an era of conversational commerce. Facebook is taking this approach with its Messenger platform and has brought on board retail companies like Everlane and Zulily. “The way we’re evolving the product is around things for the core messaging product that would add value on experience.

May 7, 2015

Connecting Asia's startup ecosystem