Impermium is a cybersecurity technology startup that protects over 1.5M sites and has processed over 8B total transactions in its 3-year history. The company's advanced risk-evaluation platform improves account management by identifying fraudulent registrations, compromised logins, and risky transactions. It has proven successful at stopping fraudulent user account registrations in real-time — using a blend of machine learning, statistical anomaly detection, and a proprietary database of malicious actors — for hundreds of transactions per second from many of the largest consumer Internet companies.

about the company


Vish is CTO and Co-Founder of Impermium. Before joining Impermium, Vish led engineering for Yahoo! Mail anti-spam, security, and data mining, and was involved in protecting every major component of the Yahoo! network from spam, fraud, misuse.

Mark is CEO and Co-Founder of Impermium. As the former "Spam Czar" for Yahoo!, he has regularly presented worldwide to government, industry, and consumer groups about spam, abuse, and cyber security issues.

Naveen is Distinguished Engineer and a Co-Founder of Impermium. For more than twelve years, Naveen designed and built core systems across Yahoo!, including the outbound spam and abuse filters responsible for a 60% reduction in the impact of fraudulent registrations.

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Nov. 13, 2013

A Ticking Cybersecurity Timebomb