Using smart phones HipGeo users record their day, then share it with friends and family through current social networks, and in the process receive valuable suggestions and alerts. HipGeo Cloud Services record user travels. A proprietary suggestion engine analyzes geo locations, routes, journal entries and patterns matching them to appropriate feeds of offers and information, like Mint for Geolocation. Merchants and Advertisers have a highly effective means of delivering relevant offers within the context of the user's day, based on both the user's current location and historical patterns.

about the company


Rich is the token non-coder who approached Scott and Jeff with the idea of building a Mint.com for geolocation (that's HipGeo). The three founders originally met some 15 years ago when Rich acquired Futuretouch for GeoCities as VP General Manager, and the three of them moved to northern California to work for Yahoo! He launched Yahoo! Websites and Yahoo! Domains, took some time off to ski and climb mountains, and most recently founded iChange.com. Rich was an internet guy before there was an internet, getting his start at Compuserve and AOL. He’s passionate about English Premiere League Football, online social dynamics, geocoded anything, and admits to playing Call of Duty with his teenage sons.

Jeff is a software architect, engineer and serial entrepreneur who’s been stuck working with Scott for 25 years through many startups (Futuretouch, LittleYell, Toolcritic, HipGeo) and couple of big companies (Phoenix and Yahoo). He was a senior software architect and manager at Quadtel and Phoenix. At Yahoo! he was a Senior Director leading the PageBuilder and then the Media engineering teams. He's a mountain biker and a home theater nut and audiofile. Lately, he's become an iPhone programming adept. In recent polling, he was voted "nicest founder" by a significant margin.