Gobble helps busy professionals easily cook dinner in just 10 minutes with 1 pan. The company designs gourmet dinner kits and completes all the sourcing and prepwork - washing, chopping, marinating, and sauce-making - so all one has to do is combine the ingredients together in one pan and be a dinner hero. Fresh ingredients are sourced locally from sustainable and humane Bay Area farmers. The menu offers six new and different dinner kits every week. Each customer has complete control over their menu and schedule. Dinner kits are delivered to customers in a recyclable and refrigerated box. Gobble is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.

about the company


At only 24, Ooshma Garg already has started two successful businesses – one that she recently sold and another that has attracted over one million dollars in venture capital. In 2008, she created Anapata, an online site that matches students looking for jobs with potential employers, mostly in the legal field. After three years of sleepless nights, bootstrapping (keeping the business self-sustained without raising any outside money) and developing Anapata, Garg sold it to the legal company LawWerx. Garg says she feels she’s finally found her niche and true passion with Gobble, a dinner delivery service that creates 10-minute 1-pan fresh dinner kits for busy professionals looking for a healthy and quick alternative to takeout. The idea came from Garg’s own struggles to eat well while running Anapata. With a demanding schedule that often left her eating in her car, Garg says she was looking for a way to get home-cooked meals at a reasonable price. She started by delivering prepared meals from local chefs and eventually progressed to hiring cooks and chefs in her own Gobble commercial kitchen. With the hiring of Executive Chef Thomas Ricci, Garg invented Gobble's now flagship product, the 10-minute 1-pan dinner kit, providing her customers with both the speed of takeout and the satisfaction of cooking at home. The strategy paid off with Garg scoring some top investors in Silicon Valley – including LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman – raising over $1.2 million in seed capital for her business.

Gobble in the press

Feb. 29, 2016

Competition grows to bring dinner in the mail

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Jan. 19, 2016

Food delivery service Gobble launches in Seattle with prepared 10-minute dinner kits

Uber also launched its own food delivery service UberEATS in Seattle late last year. In Seattle, food delivery options include services like DoorDash, Peach, Lish, Munchery, Square-owned Caviar, Postmates, Bitesquad, Seamless, GrubHub, Farmigo, Yelp-owned Eat 24, and many others. There is yet another food delivery service now available in Seattle — although the newest entrant has a slightly different take on getting dinner to your door. San Francisco-based Gobble today launched in Seattle, delivering its 10-minute dinner kits to folks around town that still want to cook, but do away with the food preparation process. In addition to Seattle, Gobble is already available in California and Nevada.