Wello is an online platform offering live fitness training over two-way video. It provides an affordable and easy way for its users to workout with a live fitness professional of their choice. Its first product called 1-on-1 personal training was launched in 2012. In 2013, Wello completed the program at Rock Health and became part of a prolific network of the best digital health companies in the country. It matches clients with the right Wello-vetted trainer and workout program for them, provides seamless scheduling and payment, and establishes the live video connection for the workout to take place. Wello was launched in 2011 by Stanford MBA students Ann Scott Plante and Leslie Silverglide. It is based in San Francisco, C.A.

about the company


Leslie doesn't believe in the word 'no' which is useful when driving hard to attract clients, trainers and partners to Wello. As an ex-gymnast, Oxford squash player and co-founder of Mixt Greens, Leslie is tremendously passionate about health, wellness, and good salads. Appropriately, Leslie and Ann met their first week at Stanford pairing up as ping-pong partners.

Ann has her hands in many pots, including the office cookie pot. She puts the building blocks in place, leads product and also makes sure that the books balance, the team functions and the customers stay happy. Her love of agendas may trace back to Bain and Co. She was once an avid tennis player (go Dartmouth) but now cheers on the Cardinal of Stanford, where she earned her MBA.