BitYota delivers a warehouse-as-a-service for Big Data Analytics. SaaS takes away both Big Cost and Big Headache making Big Data analytics accessible in the fastest, affordable way to the most number of users, with no compromise on functionality or service levels. BitYota was founded by data experts Dev Patel, Harmeek Bedi and Soren Riise. Its core team has 35+ years of big data experience at Yahoo, Oracle, Veritas/Symantec, Informix, BMC, Kabira/Tibco, and Twitter. It has raised $12M through Seed and Series A funding from Globespan Capital, The Social+Capital Partnership, Dawn Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Crosslink Capital, Morado Ventures, and individual investors Maynard Webb, Graham Summers, Jerry Yang and Sharmila Mulligan.

about the company


Dev was VP at Yahoo! for six years managing several ad products and data systems. Dev was the former CEO of Whereonearth, the company Yahoo! bought in October 2005 for its geo targeting needs. Prior to Whereonearth he was in the Corporate & Business Development team at Racal Electronics, a major Telco and Defense conglomerate in the UK. Prior to the Corp Dev role, he was at Racal Labs and in academic research as a Research Fellow and PhD student.