What could you build if you had dead-simple access to nearly unlimited computer processing power? At CPUsage, we think compute should be a utility. Easily consume as much as you want, from where you want, when you want, without vendor lock-in or complex configuration. CPUsage offers a Platform-as-a-Service for high throughput and high-performance computing. The CPUsage platform allows software developers, scientists, and researchers the opportunity to distribute virtually any application, to any cloud, at any scale, in a matter of minutes. Ideal for big data, background, and batch processing workloads, CPUsage technology abstracts the user away from not only infrastructure management but also the tools and processes required for large-scale distributed computing.

about the company


Jeff Martens is an entrepreneurial leader with more than a dozen years of experience in finance and strategic planning at industry leading organizations. His industry expertise includes software, consumer products and internet. Jeff is active in his community as a board member, volunteer, industry group founder and education advisor. Today, Jeff serves as Co-Founder and CEO of CPUsage, a Portland based venture backed Infrastructure-as-a-Service startup.

Technical leader, entrepreneur, developer, and team builder with experience in several startups and large enterprises. Co-founded and raised money for two technology companies in the connected car and cloud computing space. Recently participated in Highway1, a renowned hardware incubator, launched an API based cloud video encoding service, and scaled a 10,000+ instance geo-dispersed cloud computing cluster that was used for automated trading and to catch criminals, which we launched on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield.